Roger Boisjoli

Roger Boisjoli

The Tenth Step toward Riches
Sex transmutation, boy does this ever scare some people. I should know, I have personal experience of
that. Just this past week I was introducing on of my students to the Mental Cleanse ans asked that person
to read Chapter 11. Here is part of the email I received from my student : “upon skimming through Chapter
11, I came across statements which strongly conflict with my beliefs and personal spiritual experiences.
This sounds very much like New Age thinking. Tapping into “the infinite intelligence”, “forces” which help
people elevate themselves to some higher conscience, or level of productivity. This is not for me. In fact,
this is not for you either. You are quite possibly opening your mind to “doctrines of demons”, of which the
Bible warns about. To the one who may be poorly educated in spiritual things, this sounds ludicrous. I
realize that but I know what I am talking about,
I don’t wish to offend, and I regret that I will not benefit from this “teaching”, but I cannot do it, and
I advise you, as a good acquaintance, to get out of this as well.
I’m so sorry but I think it best that I waste your time, and mine, no further with this. This is how one
begins to channel forces or entities, into one’s life. You may think this is good. I assure you, it is not.
Roger, do you know any born again Christians? If so, ask them about this.”
Fortunately, we have agreed to disagree on this and I am still in good standing with my student.
Obviously, this student has very strong beliefs and feelings and I am not about to try to change that
student’s mind. We have agreed that I can still help this student with the colours training and other MFF
I had another incident which reinforced my belief in MFF. A fellow MFFer refered me to a site that he said
was very helpful. I had a look and listened to part of an introduction video. I got to a part where the
speaker was saying you could get 50+ leads per day. This got me thinking : “How could I possibly develop a
relationship with 50+ people per day?” Obviously you can’t. I would rather follow the MFF recipe than
some hare brained scheme to get that many people per day. I figure that most of those leads would not be
of the quality of leads that I get using the MFF recipe.
Thank God for MFF.
With deep appreciation and love,
Roger Boisjoli

Lesson plan from Roger Boisjoli on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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