Frank (Sarge) LooSer

Frank (Sarge) LooSer

After reading through this chapter on sex transmutation this time the light bulb actually
exploded. Well maybe not literally but it did seem like a mental supernova flashed through
my mind.
All this time I have been complicating this thing called sex transmutation, when
actually it’s really quite simple to understand. For example the businessman who takes
his mind off the subject of sex long enough to focus it on his sales efforts
with as much excitement, enthusiasm, and determination as he would apply in the pursuit
of physical pleasure, has stumbled upon the art of sex transmutation whither he knows it
or not. Most people that transmute their sex energy do so without being aware of what
or how they are doing it.
Just imagine all the wonderful things we will achieve with a working knowledge of this
awesome power. It’s going to take some imagination and desire to make it work, but
you already knew that, since you are a student of Think and Grow Rich. Use your mental
imagery to create and transform the sex energy in your mind into the form of whatever
you intend to accomplish.
Society has conditioned us to think in a box. Ever wonder why sex transmutation is not
taught in schools alongside sex education? If the entire population was privy to this powerful
knowledge it would be impossible to keep us in that box.
Play with it have fun and be creative. Don’t be ashamed to let your imagination run wild because
no one can see what you are doing in your mind but you. Its OK, go be the creator you were
designed to be. And don’t let anyone tell you to get back in your box.
Best Regards,

Lesson plan from Frank LooSer on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse. A great lesson Sarge.

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