Bev Bojarski

Bev Bojarski

The Tenth Step toward Riches
I have always struggled somewhat with this lesson. Negative past programming affecting my thoughts….well that’s kind of the whole point! This lesson is really about taking POSITIVE EMOTIONS like Love (energy), Sex (energy) and Romance (energy) and using them to replace incorrect programming and Negative Emotions, like fear, superstition and lack. We talked last week about the two streams of water, the positive one flows to success in all areas of life and the negative one flows to lack, failure and every negative place of emotion one could think of.
We really become a part of all that each stream entails. If I choose to think and Live in Positive thoughts by consistently programming my mind with positive thoughts and things. Then I have probably used transmutation of Happy, Positive Moments in time to enhance my self-talk. Ken Klemm so wonderfully showed us how to create a great self-talk, by remembering a great, moment in time where we were at our highest level of happiness. Choosing trigger words to spark those memories and implement them into our self-talk, transmuting us to that moment and we experience those same feelings. Now, how wonderful is that! Speaking of self-talk, Michael has given us a great advice that if we want to truly be successful, then we should say our self-talk at least 400 times. That is what he did and he attributes this greatly to his success!
I know that when I use my self-talk, using my trigger words, I am lifted up, leaving behind the mundane problems and so called worries of life! It seems that life can easily lead us to believe that we must put out all the little bush fires that seem to be burning in our lives. When you become Positive, a lot of those fires just burn themselves out because they are no longer so important to you. It really does work, but don’t just take my word for it. Do Your self-talk, consistently EVERY day and see your life transform! I know it has definitely made me a more Positive Person!
People are influenced and remember mostly How You Made Them Feel, not by what you said. Do I smile when I am meeting and talking with someone, am I accepting them at face value, or am I judging them? Babies and little children always seem to respond positively to me when I smile at them and they instinctively know it is genuine. Is my hand shake firm and enthusiastic or limp and saying, “I really don’t like doing this”!? What tone of voice am I using? Children especially are guided by my tone of voice, whether it be my grandchildren, Sunday School students or friends. How I carry myself, my posture tells people whether I am confident, or have low self-esteem. Do I dress like a slob, does that show through in my attitude? I think it does. I can dress comfortably without looking like a slob that may repel people. My favourite is “vibration of thought”, when I am consistent with my self-talk, I know it shows. I become happier, more confident, I send out positive energy which in turn attracts people to me. Having a magnetic personality is a real thing, what and who are you magnetizing to you?
Memories, ah, especially good, happy memories are so powerful that they can transmute me to Instant Positivity! Memories carry with them all the senses that the present moment does. I can easily relive the feelings, the smells, the sights, the sounds, experiencing the moment again in its entirety. When I live in the Moment with precise clarity, I implant the total moment to memory. Genuine Love knows No Equal, thank you God.
So, I am no longer puzzled by this chapter, now that I am learning to Live in the Moment, with many of the Positive Emotions at work. Having a wonderful Husband and Soul Mate, has given me many great moments to bring back to life. Thank you God, again. I find words cannot easily express the levels to which I can soar when I transmute to these ecstatic, jubilant and phenomenal moments!
Blessings to all,
Bev Bojarski

Lesson plan from Bev Bojarski on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse. A great lesson Bev, thank you.

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