Uwe Wagner

Uwe Wagner

Sex Transmutation
A true genius is a master in using the creative imagination. For this he is not only able to tap his own subconscious mind but also the conscious and subconscious minds of other people.
Wow, what a fascinating and frightening thought!
It’s fascinating when I think about the huge opportunity to make use of the wisdom of others to come to a solution. But it’s also frightening, because wouldn’t it mean everybody might read my mind?
Do I really want that to happen?
No, I don’t think so.
On the other hand I know that reading another persons mind isn’t that easy. Yes I have experienced it several times that I have known before how a person will decide – like at school knowing the teacher will pick me next for answering his questions and so it happened – but what I received was a feeling of certainty, not exactly the wording. So it’s more like feeling the direction or to see a certain outcome, but not like reading a text.
What a relief!
Thus I can concentrate on the positive aspect again:
How to tap into the mint of others to come to a more qualified decision or solution.
For this Hill is providing a recipe by describing the process of development, control, and use of sex, love, and romance.
Encourage the presence of these emotions as the dominating thoughts in one’s mind, and discourage the presence of all the destructive emotions. The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed it. Through the faculty of will-power, one may discourage the presence of any emotion, and encourage the presence of any other. Control of the mind, through the power of will, is not difficult. Control comes from persistence, and habit. The secret of control lies in understanding the process of transmutation. When any negative emotion presents itself in one’s mind, it can be transmuted into a positive, or constructive emotion, by the simple procedure of changing one’s thoughts.
It’s about taking control of our thoughts by will-power, by simply changing our thoughts towards the desired ones.
Oh, yes, but how?
By persistence and habit. The secret of doing so can be found in the understanding of sex transmutation. The transmutation of this emotion is the super power for action, a catalyst for our will-power.
Oh, yes, but how?
Let me put it into an example given by own experience:
Some ten years ago I have been offered a position which represents a giant leap in my career. When focusing on that I was so electrified that no other thought had a chance to enter my mind than the ones of a glorious future. That feeling coming along with it really resembles the ones aligned with sex (ever heard a stock broker telling it’s better than sex making a fortune with one strike in one day?).
And so I went and made it not knowing that I was applying the principle of sex transmutation to control my will-power, my thoughts and, therefore, my future.
So I did it, using this principle, at least once. For sure I can do it again when tuning in again into the feelings I had when replacing my thoughts and when transmuting my negative emotions into positive ones.
Thus I know I can!
What should ever stop me but myself?
To overcome the obstacle called “my other self” I am glad to be part of this mastermind. This helps me growing to be big and strong enough to tear down or simply marching over the obstacle.
And sharing that success with you make me feel really great.
Thanks for your support.

Lesson plan from Uwe on chapter for 11 the 30 day mental cleanse.

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