Chapter 11: The mystery of sex transmutation

Chapter 11: The mystery of sex transmutation
Upon reading this chapter the one thing that stuck out for me was the transferring or moving the energy of sex into another form. Essentially speeding that energy up, however I kept on saying sex energy sure I have a high sex drive, what do I need to do to change that energy and use it in my everyday life and business. Today it suddenly dawned on me, hey this about a lot more than sex energy.
Its about emotional energy. For many years I have lived in the past owing to the negative emotions which have been tying me there. I have always been an emotional person, very emotional at times and there are people who get scared of such. The hardest part is for many years I was living in those negative emotions which are mentioned throughout think and grow rich (I am unsure where).
Anyway for years I was living in fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, lack and anger. Hard because I literally feared people, I felt unsafe around people and that made things very hard. I was afraid of criticism and so I conformed, I shut down. Now it’s time to concentrate on those positive emotions and draw from their power, starving out those negative emotions which have rulled my life for too long.
The positive emotions such as Desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope and prosperity. Its been a week of reflection for me personally as I have come to realise that a major portion of the people I once hung out with had such a negative attitude and that pulled me down. Now it’s getting on the calls and refuling as much as can, keeping my energy up. As there are who are unable to understand what I am doing. These people object to the self talk being done in their presence, they knock everything you do to try and rebuild your life. However I choose to invest my energy in myself, to stop investing that energy in them.
It’s been a journey to say the least, learning to let go of all that emotional energy. People have said to me how come we are coming back to this again. The answer was there was no emotional release, it just kept on playing out owing to the pain. I have to stop that pain, it’s the only way to move on and to focus on now. Building that life I am wanting, the family of my own.
Friends who have known me a while say you’ve grown so much lately and its true. Yes I communicate a lot more fluently with them than every have, they have learnt when something has got to me emotionally. I am glad for those few best friends who are in my own life, as I see one door slaming shut I realise it was for the best. That world is gone and now I have to build a positive world, a world of possible which is contray to the way was raised as a child. I am looking forwards to this, its going to be lovely.
Thank you to Michael, Linda, Willena and Ken for your love guidance and mentoring which has helped me to take a path which I may have never been able to take. The journey has just begun, thank you to the wonderful mental cleanse participants which have inspired me over my 18 months in the mental cleanse.
Love, hugs and to your success.
Ben Drake
Mona Vale NSW Australia

Personal lesson from the mental cleanse for chapter 11 on the mystery of sex transmutation

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