Richard Baltar

Richard Baltar

living on an island is survival not abundance and when we combine people working together unselfishly for the success of all, there is no limit to what can be accomplished including the newest beginner to the experienced journeyman. I wrote this story in one of my articles:
I had 16 years experience in my flooring business at the time when I hired a kid with about 3 months. I had stuck to certain procedures that have been working with success for years. Low and behold one the sanding techniques he was using I paid attention to and watched and when we shut down the machines we spoke and it was definitely a better way than what I was taught and using all this time. I have been using it long after his tenure ended with me and still using to this day. Point being never lock in to just your own way when you can be empowered from a least expected source.
Whatever business, personal or professional endeavor you are involved with, whatever experience level, the power of the mastermind group can and will take ALL to a 3rd dimension of thinking for creative ways to overcome obstacles which will speed up the learning curve to a complete understanding to what all of you are trying to accomplish.
A good mastermind group is like a good marriage, give all and expect nothing except honest cooperation and the rewards will come,usually before you even notice them.

Lesson plan from Richard Baltar on chapter 10 for the 30 day mental cleanse.
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