Margi Starr

Margi Starr, Springfield, Ohio

Chapter 10–Power of the Master Mind
One of my favorite places to hike is the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.
Located about forty minutes away from my house, the Little Miami River lazily winds its way through John Bryan State Park in Greene County, Ohio. You can stand on the footbridge at John Bryan and watch the fish swim through the crystal clear water below.
But if you take the trail that leads to the Gorge, you are in for a dramatic change.
One of the finest examples of post-glacial erosion in Ohio is the Clifton Gorge. The tall, naturally chiseled sides of the Gorge were formed by the erosion of different layers of rock. The more resistant rock forms the upper cliff, which rises 40-50 feet. The less resistant rock beneath have weathered out to form recesses. In many places, the rock separated along fracture planes and collapsed to form slump blocks. The scenery is breath-taking as you wind your way deeper and deeper along the Narrow’s Trail.
The once tranquil Little Miami River becomes a force of sheer energy as it plunges through the narrow passage created by the vast rock formations. The sound of the white-water intensifies as you approach the narrowest parts of the Gorge.
As you look at the powerful current and its exponential energy, it’s difficult to believe that this is the same water that moments ago was a tranquil home for fish and wildlife.
A mastermind group can be likened to the towering rock walls of the Gorge.
When I surrender to the positive energy created by this Mastermind, my effectiveness as a leader intensifies. The group is part of something much greater than that which is visible to the eye.
While most of us are here because we want to grow our businesses and improve our finances, the greater desire is that we want to contribute more to our family, or our church, or our community. We want “more-better-or different” for the lives of our children and grandchildren. We desire to raise up more leaders that will make this world a better place for future generations.
Like a mighty rock formation, this Mastermind group surrounds me. While I may feel small and insignificant, when I yield to the corporate energy, a supernatural force begins to work. As part of something greater than the sum of all our knowledge and experiences, I now have more power and prosperity in my life than I can imagine.
Like the white-water of the Clifton Gorge, the positive emotions of a mastermind group are so powerful, they can chisel a path through rock. No matter what obstacles are in my path, the force of the Mastermind can help me overcome them and even use them to help me be better.
So lace up your hiking shoes and come along for the journey of your life.
Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

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