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Loddy Micucci Melbourne Australia

Our thoughts have amazing power.
Last night I had the pleasure of attending a football match. I live in Australia in the state of Victoria. The football code played here is Aussie rules football. The game can be considered as a cross between soccer and rugby with a bit of grid iron thrown in. The amazing part is there is no protective padding for the players.
The purpose of this post is to highlight the power of our thoughts. I had the pleasure of watching the game with my cousins whom I have virtually grown up with. So I considered we would probably have similar thoughts. To cut a long story short the game was between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and The Carlton Blues. The two teams were evenly matched and at similar positions on the ladder of success for the year 2012. The winner would probably play in the final series while the loser would struggle to make it. So there was a great deal riding on the game.
It all started with the dammed traffic and the struggle to find a car parking spot. Normally this is a piece of cake. However with the big build up we struggled to get a car parking spot. We looked around for what seemed an eternity. Of course we were getting flustered and decided to just go into the main car park and pay the $20 so that we could see the start of the game. To our amazement even the car park was full. Just us we were about to give up a lovely young lady vacated a spot and allowed us to park in the spot she vacated. To even add to the generosity she gave us her ticket. Of course we were very grateful.
I saw this as a really positive omen and told my cousins we would win the game. They both had reservations! So much so that at the first quarter break when the score read Kangaroos 6 goals 1 37 to Blues 3 goals 2 20 or something like that they were not confident we would win. Oh I forgot to add they both follow the kangaroos as well yet you wouldn’t thinks so.
At half time the blues had put up somewhat of a fightback and looked like they would make a game of it. My cousins believed they would and that the kangaroos would eventually lose.
At three quarter time the kangaroos had taken control of the game and were leading by 55 point or something like that. Now here is the interesting part both my cousins still believed we would lose? I said guys you kidding me we will by 60 points plus.
The final results was a win by 53 points to The Kangaroos.
The power of thoughts kicked in as we were driving home. I was the driver and I had my cousin the lawyer and perhaps someone who had heaps of influence of us during our childhood telling me where to turn and all the cars to watch out for? I started to see red! I told him to relax and enjoy the drive because I knew the road. I remember suddenly feeling confused and doubting myself as I drove home. it was like my mind went into a blur of negativity. I had traveled this road hundreds of times and yet tonight it was like I was learning to drive all over again.
The more I tried to reassure my cousin that it was OK and to just relax and enjoy the drive home, the more he piped in with directions and cautions as we neared his house. I asked him how his children felt when he was in the car with them. He told me he always drove when taking his kids anywhere. I said what about your wife? He said he chose to drive because he didn’t trust her driving.
Today as I reflect back on what happened last night I see how far I have moved on this journey of finding positivity in my life. I also see how negative thoughts can just scramble your brains and lead to confusion.
I am very tempted to suggest the mental cleanse for my cousins. I know I will introduce them to it. I also know I have to do it tactfully because they are so set in their ways.
I cast my mind further at what life would be like in their families. They are both nearing 50 and 62 and have such a negative old view of life.
Unfortunately that was my mastermind group and a product of my past.
It is so refreshing to have moved away from that and to be involved with an uplifting global mastermind group on the 30 day mental cleanse.
I really count my blessings.
To think it just begins with changing your thoughts!
I appreciate all of your lessons and the positive thoughts that you all generate.
Love you all Loddy Micucci.

Lesson plan from Loddy Micucci on chapter 10 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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