Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair, Dallas texas

The Ninth Step toward Riches
The main idea I got out of this chapter is that when a group of like minded people working together in harmony will accomplish more than just a single individual can. This concept goes hand in hand with this amazing business that we are in. Networking marketing is not an individual business; is is a team effort that works all the time when everyone has the same goals and dreams.
With the power of this amazing mastermind that we have in the palm of our hands that Micheal and Linda has put together, we all have the ability to own our lives and live the life we want with whoever we want. More so we all must be very selective with who we take advice from for the simple reason that our goals and dreams may be the same but how we carey out our goals and dreams are entirely different compared to others. It is always best to follow those who have what you want and plug yourself in with the right like minded people following the same dreams.
My entire life I was always forced to be a pleaser and not think for myself which lead to a lot of steep holes in my life. Now i am able to think for myself and be a critical thinker which will lead the pathway to my success.
Thank You Micheal and Linda from the Bottom of my Heart, Andrew Sinclair

Lesson plan from Andrew Sinclair on chapter 10 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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