Willena Flewelling Persistance

Willena Flewelling

Persistence means pushing past the point of no return so that you HAVE to
keep going because there is no turning back.
I have gotten lazy in the past few years, allowing some unwanted weight to
creep back on, and just generally regressing from a much better point I’d
reached nine years ago. I can make excuses and say I’ve been through a lot,
especially in the past three years. But haven’t we all??? That is no excuse,
particularly when I have also been given some of the greatest tools I’ve ever
found, through Mentoring For Free. Tools not only for coping with trouble, but
for facing it and gaining victory over it.
Ian bought me a brand new bicycle a few weeks ago. We live halfway down
a hill. Handy excuse for not taking that first ride! The way to conquer that
hill is to ride a little further each day until I reach the top. The rest is easy!
Well, sort of. On Saturday I decided that my “slight edge” action was a little
TOO “slight”. Instead of riding half a mile a day and going farther each day,
I was doing half a mile once a WEEK. We had already spent all Saturday
afternoon outdoors at our church picnic, but when we got home that evening,
I hopped on the bike and rode all the way up the hill and beyond. A total of
two miles!
I wasn’t able to get on the bike again until today. The only time I could go
out was during the hottest part of the day — 90 degrees!! But I had to do
it. Persistence meant going all the way to the two mile point, knowing I would
have to turn around and ride another two miles to get back home. Persistence
meant pedaling just one more time before getting off to walk the rest of the
way up the hill.
On the blistering hot days of summer, our favourite way of cooling off is to
drive seven miles to the river. The water is a little high right now, and the
current is strong. It’s fun floating downstream 500 feet, and swimming across
the current toward the bank. Persistence means walking upstream against
the 6mph current to the starting point… and then doing the same thing
several more times.
Persistence is paying off. Not by actual weight loss. I haven’t seen much of
that yet. But my body fat percentage, BMI and skeletal muscle percentages
have all improved just in the past week alone. Now THAT makes me WANT to
persist all the way to my goal!
It’s the same with my business. Persistence means working when I don’t feel
like it, taking one more step when I think I can’t do it, and looking back to see
after a while that growth is indeed taking place. And that will make me want
to keep on going until I have achieved each of all my goals.
Willena Flewelling
Alberta Canada

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