Mike Salerno Persistance

Mike Salerno

This subject of PERSISTENCE is tied directly to DESIRE. So, if we have an unshakeable DESIRE and a solid “WHY”, is that enough? This past Monday on the leaders call the subject of people quitting came up and I heard many reasons why people quit:
• People quit on themselves
• The product is too expensive
• This is taking too long “ARE WE THERE YET?” (Bart Simpson)
• My up-line doesn’t support me
• I don’t know how to do this
• I have fears of sales, talking to people, rejection, dealing with hassles, success
• I have to teach others
• Too much time out of my schedule
• Customers leave my business
• Partners quit
• I am a computer illiterate
So, yes I will agree with you that this business takes PERSITENCE. After all a couple of the definitions of the word is: 1 quality of persisting, the quality of continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties, 2 act of persisting, the action of somebody who persists with something. This means to me, ACTION. There is a whole chapter in this book that speaks to this topic. Action is a verb. Take each one of the reasons for quitting above and turn them into positive statements. This will make it easier to PERSIST, or take action. However, I don’t think that is enough.
I would like to throw out another word that speaks to the verb PERSISTENCE, and that is RESILLIENCE. The first definition of this word is: 1 speedy recovery from problems, the ability to recover quickly from setbacks. Now take a look at the reasons listed above and find the emotions that are tied to each one of these setbacks when they happen to you. Dig deep here because if you can’t get emotionally detached from the ACTION of others, you probably will lose your momentum, or PERSISTENCE.
I think that PERSISTENCE is action and it is required. I don’t believe that we attach any emotion to it. RESILIENCE however is all about emotion. Be careful of your thoughts and emotions the next time life throws a little curve at you.
Thanks for letting share my thoughts about these important topics.

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