Ken Klemm Persistance

Ken Klemm

Everybody is PERSISTENT.

We all are Creatures of HABIT. Our Habits, up to now,
have determined our current health, relationship and
financial status.

So, in order to change our Status, we must change our

But, we are RESISTANT to Change! We Persist in our Bad
Habits. Perhaps “persist” is the wrong word. As some
writers have pointed out this week, our true state is

Here’s how it is for some of us: If we were cold, wet
and miserable stuck in a mud bog – and someone offered
to move us to a warm, dry and pleasant place – we would
resist the change. We would miss the mud!

Success requires REPLACING some Old Habits with New

Many companies today offer products that help burn fat.
They are designed to be meal REPLACEMENTS. That means
using the product INSTEAD of chicken nuggets and french
fries, NOT in addition to.

On our Saturday night Coaches Corner call we are
learning PEOPLE SKILLS to improve our RELATIONSHIPS.
That means Replacing some Habits. We Replace the Habit
of Criticizing, Condemning and Complaining with the
Habit of Giving Honest and Sincere Appreciation. We
Replace the habit of Focusing on Ourselves and Our
Agenda with the Habit of Becoming Genuinely Interested
in Other People.

But this Training DOES NOT WORK. We do not Learn by
reading, listening and studying. We can only learn by
EXPERIENCE. If we do not PRACTICE the SKILLS, we will
never MASTER them!

Most people join a Network Marketing company to earn
extra income and work toward Financial Freedom. But
Financial Freedom is not achieved without changing some

Recently a top income earner was terminated by his
company. He posted a heart-rending video on YouTube
about how he has to feed his family and care for his
90-year-old father.

One would think a top earner would have achieved
Financial Freedom. But he apparently never REPLACED the

Keith Schreiter wrote an excellent book, “How to Get
Rich Without Winning the Lottery.” He demonstrates the
POWER of Investment. He shows how Network Marketing is
one of the ways an average person can earn extra income

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

P.S. My good friend Doak Jenkins, another Founder of an
MLM company, said, “All HABITS are EQUAL.”

Lesson plan from Ken Klemm on chapter 9 for the 30 day mental cleanse.
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